Waziri wa mambo ya nchi za nje wa Tanzania Profesa Palamagamba Kabudi ametetea sifa ya uhuru wa vyombo vya habari vya nchi hiyo katika mahojiano na Zuhura Yunus

US relaxes ban on China's Huawei

Betraying The Game: What Happened Next? - BBC Africa Eye



Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

Ian Khama and the post-presidential blues


 There is a persistent rumour about Ian Khama that goes something like this: sometimes, during his decade as president of Botswana, when the burden and the shackles of high office became too much, he would ditch his security, get in his car and drive alone at night and at speed on the empty roads outside Gaborone. ..

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Would you know if the medicine you're taking is fake?


 Law enforcement and legislation is needed, strong pharmaceutical regulation has to be in place and well-trained healthcare professionals are essential, explains Cynthia Genolet, an Africa policy expert at the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. 

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Marian (SV) er første på Stortinget med hijab


 Mot alle odds møtte Marian Hussein på Stortinget denne uka som første norsksomalieren - og den første med hijab....

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Cristiane: Brazil striker makes Women's World Cup history in win over Jamaica


 (CNN)Brazil striker scored the first hat-trick of the Women's World Cup and became the oldest player in the tournament's history to hit a treble as Brazil beat debutants Jamaica 3-0 in Group C. 

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‘Neymar is a violent drug addict’: Messages between rape accuser & lawyer revealed


 New messages have emerged in the rape allegations against Brazil star Neymar in the form of an exchange between model Najila Mendes de Souza and her ex-lawyer, in which she reportedly claims the player is “a violent drug addict.” 

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I was left homeless after my mum kicked me out for getting pregnant – now I run three businesses ma


 WHEN Yemi Penn told her mum she was 12 weeks pregnant, she was ordered to "pack her bags and never come back". ...

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George Orwell's 1984: Why it still matters - BBC News

Is Women's football finally being taken seriously? | Inside Story

Dr. Mumbi Show: Rise of KISWAHILI: South Africa and Rwanda have Kiswahili in their national curriculum and Namibia is looking into doing the same.

Askofu Bagonza: Uhuru wenye mipaka ni utumwa wa kistaarabu

Divorce Court - Doyle vs. Martin - The Parent Trap

PLO Lumumba, Africa not be cheated...

Mental Illness, Violence & Nutrition